The participation statement in the race requires full acceptance of the regulations.

Athletes who are competing should understand that they are moving in mountain, stone and inaccessible, sometimes ground and exposed to the weather conditions prevailing on that particular day of the race.

Men and women athletes aged 18 and over may be admitted while underage athletes may participate with a responsible statement from their parents.

In order to receive the number, it is necessary to register through the race website and sign the responsible statement to be distributed to the race secretariat.
Valid participation is considered to be valid. The financial cost of the participation is set at 12 euros.

The race will provide athletes with:
1. Free transfer of athletes by the ferry from Hora Sfakion to Loutro.
2. Race feed at startup.
3. 2 refueling stations.
4. Lunch after the race.
5. Return from Anopoli to Hora Sfakion by the means of transport after the event.
6. Athletic bag with commemorative technical T-Shirt and various other gifts (Note: To receive the above you must have deposited in a bank account to be given by the organization, the fee for participation until Tuesday 22 / 10/2019, the date on which the entries are closed.It is possible to participate in the match by paying the prize in the race’s registrar at the start, but in this case the event will not provide the gifts and the T-Shirt accompanying his bag athlete.

Men 18 to 39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+.
Women 18 to 39, 40-49, 50-59,60 +.
(A prerequisite for the awarding of a category is the participation of 6 or more athletes, otherwise it is collapsed with the next one).

COMPLIANCE: Athletes are required to fully respect the regulations described below. They are also obliged to obey the instructions of the match judges. Failure to comply with regulations or instructions always leads to the exclusion penalty. The judges of the race when they notice violations of the regulations, record and inform the offenders. Any other person authorized by the event has the ability to record also any violation he or she becomes aware of and submit for examination to the Match Committee.

MOVING ON THE PATH: Athletes are forced to move on the path without forming teams that stretch in width, thus preventing athletes who would like to overtake them. When an athlete is notified that he should make aside to overcome, he should remain on the upstream side of the slope. Dogs that may accompany some athletes are prohibited

ROUTE MARKING: Route marking is defined by project strips showing the correct course of the athlete as well as orange arrows. At crucial points of the route and if the above mentioned materials are judged to be insufficient, there will be volunteers who will guide the athletes . The purpose of the event is to avoid any doubt on the part of the competitor as to whether he is moving within the course.

MANDATORY EQUIPMENT, BAGS: There is no mandatory equipment for athletes. The use of baton is recommended due to the high inclination of the route, as well as the use of a hat.

ROUTE CUTTING: The shortcut (crossing) of the route is forbidden and is punishable by blocking. Each competitor has the responsibility and is required to carefully monitor the warning signs on specific parts of the path that indicate a prohibited cut / path.

CONTROL POINTS: The only control point is in the bell in the church of Saint Catherine.

TIME EXCLUSION LIMITS: For the safety and smooth flow of the event, there will be an exclusion time limit at the refueling point and is set at 1 hour from the start time. Athletes will stay there and board at 4 × 4 for Anopolis square.

WASTE: It is strictly forbidden to dispose of all kinds of objects along the route, such as plastic bottles or any other solid or liquid food packaging material consumed by athletes during the race. At each feeder station there is a special plastic waste bag. All athletes are required to throw scrap into the bag. Disposal of packaging materials or other non-organic waste at any point in the route beyond the predefined limits will result in a foreclosure penalty.

ROUTE AMENDMENT: If necessary (extremely hazardous weather conditions), the Organizers reserve the right to modify the trip or to delay the start of the event for a short period of time in order not to endanger the athletes’ physical integrity.

DISCLAIMER: The Commission is not responsible for the death, injury or any damage to the health of the competitors who, by submitting the application form, declare that they are aware of the dangers that exist in the mountain environment and certify that their state of health is good and allows them to fight, and have recently been examined by a doctor for this issue. However, no athlete will be required to produce a medical certificate. Athletes themselves are required to regularly take medical precautions to check their health status. The Commission disclaims all responsibility for the physical integrity of athletes who should behave responsibly at points of the route where the risk of falling with unpleasant or fatal outcomes is increased.

INSURANCE: The event does not insure the participating athletes. Insurance Companies do not undertake group insurance for outdoor activities with a high degree of risk for obvious reasons. It is at the discretion of each athlete to carry out, at some other time, an individual life insurance contract covering, where possible, the case of an accident under the conditions of holding a mountain-resistance race.

As the regulation does not provide for the organization, it will decide on the spot.