Race Regulations

1.    Participation


The limit of the participants is 150 athletes and the registration fee at 12 euros. Registrations will start on Wednesday 1th of May 2024 and they will close on Tuesday 4th of June 2024 at 23:59.


Athletes will be accepted for registration from the age of 18, and children from the age of 16 will be able to participate with a solemn declaration from their parents.


Everyone interested in registering for the race they have to complete the participation form which is inside the arkalos site (www.arkalos.gr). There won’t be an option to register in person either on the day of the race according to the instructions of the general secretariat of sports (GSS).


2.    Race Benefits


The organization will provide the athletes the following:


1.    Race bib

2.    Electronic timing with chip

3.    Medical support

4.    Two aid stations with water one of them with food

5.    Treat for the athletes after the race

6.    Hat or race t-shirt and finisher medal.



3. Categories


For any age category to be awarded it is mandatory to have at least 6 or more athletes in that category or else it combines with the next age category.

Age categories are :


Men Women general


Men: 18 till 39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+.

Women: 18 έως 39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+



4 . Race Rules

Athletes participating must keep in mind that they will be moving at mountainous rocky terrain and they will be exposed to weather conditions which may be exist at the day of the race.

Athletes are obliged to follow the regulations of the race and follow the race judges instructions during the race if any. If they don’t oblige they will be disqualified.

If the judges or any race staff see any forbidden action happening have the right to say it to the race committee for further inspection.




 Athletes are required to move on the trail without forming groups that extend in width, thus preventing athletes who would like to overtake. When an athlete is notified that he has to move to the edge to be overtaken, he should remain on the uphill or downhill (inner) side of the slope. The presence of dogs that may accompany athletes is prohibited.


Route signals are with tapes that show the path direction and also with orange or green markings. In some places of high risk (injury,taking a wrong turn) there will be volunteers helping showing the correct way to carry on.

The race organizers want to ensure that the route of the path is going to be as clear as possible.


6. Payment

Registrations considered complete are only those that the payment is complete.

After the payment and after 4th of june 2024 refund is not gonna be possible for any reason.

All the registrations are personal, unique and not transferable to other people.



There is no mandatory equipment for the race.


8. Shortcuts Route

Taking shortcuts during the race is forbidden and the athlete will be disqualified if they make any.


9. Checkpoints

The checkpoints for both races are going to be at Saint Agia Marina church and another one for Malaxa Ups and downs.


10. Race Time limits

For the safety of the participants , the volunteers and the smooth flow of the event there will be a time limit at the first checkpoint which is 1 hour since the start of the race. Athletes will remain there and will get transported down by car.


11. Trash

It’s strictly forbidden to throw any kind of trash during the race (plastic bottles, gels, cups) There will be trash bags in the stations for the athletes to throw away if they need anything. If any athlete gets caught throwing trash in the paths will immediately be disqualified.


12. TERMINATION OF RACE, MODIFICATION OF TIME LIMITS: If necessary (dangerous weather conditions especially in the higher parts of the route), the Organizers reserve the right to modify the route, to postpone the start  or even to temporarily stop the progress of the race in order not to endanger the physical integrity of the athletes.


13. DISCLAIMER: Declaration of participation in the race presupposes full acceptance of the regulation. Athletes who will compete must understand that they are moving on mountainous, stony and often inaccessible technical terrain, while due to the microclimate of the area where the race is moving, they may be exposed to the weather conditions that will prevail on that day and time of the race.

It is emphasized that the Commission is not responsible for the death, injury or any damage to the health of the competitors, who by submitting the application, declare that they are aware of the dangers that exist in the mountain environment and assure that their health condition is good and allows them to race.

14. Insurance  The Organization does not insure the participating athletes, as the Insurance Companies do not undertake the group insurance of outdoor activities with a high degree of risk for obvious reasons. Thus, it is up to the athlete to carry out an individual life insurance contract, which also covers the case of an accident under the conditions of a mountain endurance race.

In case of emergency please ensure you have saved the three-digit emergency telephone number 112. It is recommended to all athletes to have a mobile phone with a well-charged battery, so that they can, if really needed, contact either the organization or the emergency number. emergency (112).