Malaxa Ups and Downs is an entry level race for everyone that crosses many sights of the area. Distance of the race is about 11km and 560m of vertical gain. The area where the athletes will gather, start and finish the race is going to happen in Isychaki estate in a place with lots of room which is surrounded by really old olive trees.

 The start of the race is at 17.30. Athletes after they start they’ll move south through a gravel road/path with moderate elevation gain and after 800 meters they will find RAFIOLI and old stone made fountain from the venetians.

 The race continues from there going uphill through trails and concrete roads to Saint Eleousa Church at 281m altitude where there’s gonna be the first aid station with water.

 From Saint Eleousa the race continues east through a trail, with a spectacular view of Chania, around 1 km which leads to Saint Agia Marina church which is around 3.7km into the race at 300m altitude. In Agia Marina is the central aid station with food and water.

 From Agia Marina the race goes up through a steep trail for 500 meters and continues through dirts roads and gravel roads to end up in the village of Malaxa at around 6 km which is the highest part of the race at around 480 meters altitude. After that the race continues downhill through dirt roads and a couple of paths leading to Isychaki estate, where is gonna be the finish line.