Race Regulations


1. GENERAL: The “SfakiaSkyMarathon”, is a mountain marathon race and will take place in the southern part of the White Mountains and in the province of Sfakia in the prefecture of Chania. Its route has a length of 44,1 kilometers and a positive altitude difference that reaches about 3050 meters and 2480 meters negative altitude. The race can be characterized as a hybrid version of “out-and-back” races as in the development of its route it includes parts that are of this philosophy.


2. TIME OF CONDUCT: The race will take place on Saturday, October 28 and will start at 8:00 in the morning from the seaside village of Loutro, after the disembarkation of the athletes from the ship of ANENDYK. The race has a 10 ½ hour time limit and athletes have until 18: 30 in the afternoon to reach the the finish line which is in the square of the village of Anopolis.



   i. Men and women over the age of 18. Exceptions will be made for minor athletes who have excelled in a similar mountain running race and whose participation will be decided by the organizing committee of the race, together with a signed responsibility statement from their parents. 

   ii. Ensuring a specific criterion as defined in Article 4 of this Regulation.




Criteria for participation in the Sfakia Sky Marathon is the finish in two (2) mountain running races of at least a half marathon distance (i.e. 21Km) and which have taken place during the previous 3 years.



Interested parties must fill in the application form electronically through the website of the race and if they have the criteria as defined by the relevant regulation, then their application is approved. Registrations will start on Sunday 15 August 2022 and will end on Τuesday 24 October 2023 at 23:59. No extension will be given to the deadline.



The registration is considered complete only when payment is made.


7. INCLUSIONS: The  following is covered by the participation price:

    1. Race number.

    2. Medical Support.

    3. Free transfer of athletes by ferry from Chora Sfakion to Loutro.

    4. Water supply before the start.

    5. Spaghetti refueling stations, boiled potatoes, water, nuts, special energy gels, Cola soft drinks and fruit.

    6. Lunch after the race.

    7. Return from Anopoli to Chora Sfakion by means of transport of the event, after the end of the event.

    8. Athlete bag with souvenirs and other gifts.


8. CANCELLATION OF PARTICIPATION: If the participant withdraws from the race until October 10, 2023, the Organization will return within 10 working days the registration fee, back into the athlete’s bank account. Any applicable transfer fees must be paid by the athlete.

After the expiration of October 10, 2023, no refund is possible, for any reason.


9. NUMBER OF PARTICIPATIONS: Taking into account the organizational difficulties of the race but also the environmental responsibility arising from the organization of such a mountainous sporting event, the number of participants is limited for 2023 to 100 people.

Each entry is nominal and unique for each athlete and therefore cannot be transferred to another person.


10. CATEGORIES: General category of independent team, General of men, General of women with award of the first three athletes as well as the youngest athlete as well as the oldest athlete who will finish successfully.


11. MEDICAL EXAMINATION: Athletes are not required to provide a medical certificate. Every athlete, submitting an application must know based on a recent medical examination, if his state of health is such that allows him to compete in such a long race, in the mountains and with demanding technical characteristics.


12. INSURANCE: The Organization does not insure the participating athletes, as the Insurance Companies do not undertake the group insurance of outdoor activities with a high degree of risk for obvious reasons. Thus, it is up to the athlete to carry out an individual life insurance contract, which also covers the case of an accident under the conditions of a mountain endurance race.

In case of emergency please ensure you have saved the three-digit emergency telephone number 112. It is recommended to all athletes to have a mobile phone with a well-charged battery, so that they can, if really needed, contact either the organization or the emergency number. emergency (112).


13. COPYRIGHT: The Organization reserves the copyright of the photography and filming of the race, carried out by authorized associates. Each athlete whose application is accepted, automatically accepts this term, knowing that his face may appear in photos or videos, without being asked for permission and without being able to claim any compensation from any publication of race material.


14. ATHLETE NUMBER: Each athlete has the race number on him, which he is obliged to have in a visible place on the front of his shirt in order to be able to prove that he participates in the race. The number must remain visible throughout the race, without being folded or altered, thus confusing the Station registrars. Athletes without a number will not be entitled to support at the Stations.


15. ATHLETE NUMBER GIVING: The giving of athlete numbers will take place on Friday 27/10/23, 18:00 – 20:00 and Saturday 28/10/23, 06:30 – 07:15 by the Secretariat of the race in Chora Sfakion. In order to receive the athlete’s bag, which contains the number and souvenirs of the race, a proof of identity or passport is required.


16. Ceremony: The awarding of the athletes will take place in the square of Anopoli at 17:15. 


17. The commemorative prizes that will be offered to the winners are the following:

    1. 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall  winner of the race, regardless of gender.

    2. 1st, 2nd & 3rd male winner of the men’s ranking of the race.

    3. 1st, 2nd & 3rd female winner of the women’s ranking of the race.

    4. Award of the athlete with the best performance in the “Loutro-Pachnes” section. “Challenge @ SeaToSummit”

    5. Award of the athlete who will complete the “challenge @ Bring the Cheese”! Traditional Graviera 4kgr, which will be acquired by the first athlete who decides to bring it with them from Katsiveli to the finish in Anopoli.

    6. Award for the  youngest athlete who successfully finishes the race.

    7. Award for the oldest athlete who successfully finishes the race.


18. TECHNICAL INFORMATION (BRIEFING): There will be no live technical information, due to the health restrictions that apply. Technical information will be available in electronic form on the eve of the race and in any case will be published and sent by email to the athletes of the race.


19. EQUIPMENT: No mandatory equipment for athletes. For safer movement in the mountainous terrain, the following are at least recommended:

   • Special backpack (vest type or belt) for carrying water bottles.

   • Water bottle

   • Poles, due to the large slope of the route.

   • Hat.

   • Hat or other type of special fabric for the neck and head.

   • Windproof / Waterproof.

   • Hemostatic Spray

   • Headlamp

   • Mobile phone

 Every athlete has the right to carry the equipment he deems necessary, so that he can meet the specific requirements of the race.

The Organization reserves the right to impose extraordinary mandatory equipment, until the eve of the race, for the protection of athletes in case of unstable weather conditions in the mountains or if there is a relevant forecast.

Finally, participants, upon receipt of their number, have the opportunity to deliver a closed bag, with a maximum volume of 30lt, which will contain necessary personal items, that will be transported to the finish line in Anopolis.


20. PENALTIES: If and when the judges of the match or any other authorized person from the event, notices violations of the rules, records them, informs the offenders and submits them to the Race Committee for examination. Athletes are obliged to fully respect this rule, while they must obey the instructions of the judges of the race and in any case non-compliance with the articles of the regulation or the instructions always carries the penalty of exclusion. Indicatively, it is mentioned that the penalty of exclusion from the race is imposed in any of the following cases:

   -Alteration / Loss of the participation number 

   -Loss of control point.

   – No puncture in the control card

   – Exposure to danger of the athlete due to the absence of basic or mandatory equipment.

   – Refusal to comply with the instructions of the authorized persons of the organization.

   – Improper behavior towards the staff of the event or the athletes.

   – Deliberate dumping of rubbish on the route.

   – Providing support outside the boundaries of the Station.

   – Escort on the route (outside the limits of Stations) by a person without a race number.

   – The shortening (shortcut) of the route. Each competitor has the responsibility and is obliged to carefully monitor the warning signals in certain parts of the path, which indicate a prohibited cut / route.


21. OBJECTIONS: Objections for any reason are made only by the athlete himself and no later than 30 minutes after the finish. The Technical Committee examines the objection and issues a final decision no later than the time of the awards.


22. VALID FINISH TIME LIMIT: Finish is considered valid when:

   1. The athlete has passed all the checkpoints of the route.

   2. Has secured the aforementioned perforation on the control card.

   3. Completed his/her effort within the prescribed time limit of 10:30 hours.


23. INTERIM TIME EXCLUSION LIMITS: For the safety but also for the smooth conduct of the race, the intermediate exclusion time limits are defined, as shown below:

   a. At the location “Mavros Harakas 1” (17km + 2100)  –  04  hours and 45 minutes

   b. At the location “Mavros Harakas 2” (30km +2980)  in 08 hours


24. ABANDONMENT: In case the participants do not manage to catch the above time limits, they are disqualified and are obliged to hand over their number. Leaving the race, the athlete must move to a place where he can approach a transport vehicle of the event, and then return to Anopolis square. The number will be returned to them after the end of the race by the Secretariat.

However, it is emphasized that athletes who want to continue their effort despite the fact that they were excluded due to time limits, are free to do so, but at their own risk! In this case, these athletes are no longer entitled to any support from the Organization, but neither can they make demands on it.


25. MOVEMENT: Athletes are required to move on the trail without forming groups that extend in width, thus preventing athletes who would like to overtake. When an athlete is notified that he has to move to the edge to be overtaken, he should remain on the uphill or downhill (inner) side of the slope. The presence of dogs that may accompany athletes is prohibited.


26. TERMINATION OF RACE, MODIFICATION OF TIME LIMITS: If necessary (dangerous weather conditions especially in the higher parts of the route), the Organizers reserve the right to modify the route, to postpone the start  or even to temporarily stop the progress of the race in order not to endanger the physical integrity of the athletes.


27. ROUTE SIGNALING: The basic principle for route signaling is that of intervention with the least possible temporary materials but also use of materials friendly to the sensitive natural landscape. The Organization, utilizing the already existing permanent marking of the hiking sections of the area, enhances the orientation of the athletes with project films and orange arrows, only where they are really necessary for their safety, but also for the successful conduct of the race.In addition, at key points along the way, there will be volunteers to guide the athletes. The purpose of the event is that there should be no doubt of the competitor as to whether he is moving off the route.


28. NUTRITIONAL SUPPLY: The Organization undertakes the supply / water supply of the athletes, through all the stations / control points that will exist along the development of the route. However, the athletes must, in combination with the nutritional support of the event, design their own feeding plan that will result from their own individual needs for food and fluids. It is emphasized that the event will not offer disposable plastic cups of liquids; therefore each athlete must have his own.


29. SUPPLY BAG (DROP BAG): No refueling bag is provided in the race.


30. EXTERNAL SUPPORT: External support of athletes is allowed, only within the limits of the support stations of the race.


31. PACERS: Pacers (without a bib number) are not allowed for any reason to accompany an athlete.


32. SUPPORT STATIONS: The Support Station is the place in which athletes can receive the following:

   1. Food supply / Water supply.

   2. Medical services from the staff of the Organization.

   3. External support from groups accompanying the participants.

 The Support Stations are twelve (12), six (6) Central where food and fluids will be provided and five (5) secondary where water and electrolytes will be provided.


33. CHECK POINTS: The Checkpoints are intended only to record the athletes of the race, so that there is a clear and real-time picture of how many are moving on the track.

In more detail, there will be eleven (11) checkpoints:

    1. Anopoli (K-4.5)

    2. Porolangos entrance and exit (K-7.2 & K-40)

    3. Agathopi 1 and 2 (K-12 & K-35)

    4. Mavros Harakas 1 and 2 (K-17 & K-30)

    5. Rousies 1,2 (K-18, K-29)

    6. Pachnes summit (K-20)

    7. Shelter “Chr. Chouliopoulos” -Katsiveli (K-25)


34. COLLECTION TEAM: For reasons of safety of the athletes but also for the smooth conduct of the race, there will be staff of the organization that will follow the last athlete of the race. 


35. TIMING-RESULTS: The timing is done electronically for the total time and manually for the intermediate performance. 


36. PRIZES: General category of independent team, General of men, General of women with award of the first three athletes as well as the youngest athlete as well as the oldest athlete who will finish successfully.


37. WASTE: It is strictly forbidden to dispose of any objects along the route, such as plastic bottles or any other solid or liquid food packaging material consumed by athletes. There is a special plastic garbage bag at each filling station. All athletes are obliged to throw the garbage in the bag. Disposal of packaging materials or other non-organic waste at any point along the route beyond the pre-determined spots will result in an exclusion penalty.


38. DISCLAIMER: Declaration of participation in the race presupposes full acceptance of the regulation. Athletes who will compete must understand that they are moving on mountainous, stony and often inaccessible technical terrain, while due to the microclimate of the area where the race is moving, they may be exposed to the weather conditions that will prevail on that day and time of the race.

It is emphasized that the Commission is not responsible for the death, injury or any damage to the health of the competitors, who by submitting the application, declare that they are aware of the dangers that exist in the mountain environment and assure that their health condition is good and allows them to race.


39. AMENDMENT OF RULES: The event reserves the right to modify the rules of the race without prior notice, but in general the spirit of the rules remains unchanged.