Regulation Sfakia Sky Run

SFAKIA SKY RUN 2019 will be held on Saturday, October 26, 2019.


We place a participation limit to 50 athletes. Registrations will start on Monday 15 July 2019 and will end on Tuesday 22 October 2019 at 23:59.

All athletes are accepted, male and female, aged 18 and over. The only exception is the underage athletes who have proved experience in a similar mountain race. Participation will be decided by the organizing committee and it is necessary for the parents to sign a declaration of responsibility.

All interested parties are requested to fill in the online registration form through the race website. In addition to the possibility of electronic registrations, it will be possible to register manually at a time and place designated by the organizing commitee of the race. Registrations in the secretariat, the day of the race will be made only if  the number of 50 athletes has not been completed.

Completed is every registration which is financially regulated . For the race SFAKIA SKY RUN 2019 you will have to deposit the amount of 30 euros to the bank account 5765-093139-911 (IBAN: GR88 0172 7650 0057 6509 3139 911), PIRAEUS BANK , stating as a reason for the transaction the word SKY and the full name of the participant.

The SWIFT-BIC of Piraeus Bank is PIRBGRAA For those who choose to register on the day of the race, the fee to the secretariat is 40 euros.


Right of withdrawal: If you call upon your withdrawal right until October 1, 2019, the organizers will return within 10 working days the whole amount of your participation fee to a bank account that you indicate. After 1 October 2019, refunds cannot be given for any reason. Each participation is nominal and unique for each athlete and therefore can not be transferred to another person.


The race will provide athletes with: Race number.Medical Support.Free transfer of athletes by boat from Hora Sfakion to Loutro.Hydration and energy snacks before the start.Three stations with water, nuts, special energy gels, cola refreshments and fruit.Return of athletes from Roussies point to Anopolis Sfakion.Lunch after the race.Return from Anopoli to Hora Sfakion Athlete bag with souvenirs and other gifts. (Note: Athletes who choose to enroll on the day of the race in the secretariat should be aware that they may not receive an athlete’s bag with full gifts).


General category with prize for the first three Men and Women.


The participation statement in the race requires full acceptance of the regulations. Athletes are required to sign a statement of responsibility at the race secretariat. Athletes who are competing should understand that they are moving in mountain, stone and inaccessible, sometimes ground and exposed to the weather conditions prevailing on that particular day of the race. Athletes are required to fully respect the regulations outlined below. They are also obliged to obey the instructions of the race judges. Non-compliance with regulations or guidelines always results in the disqualification penalty. When the judges of the race see violations of the regulations, record and inform the offenders. Any other authorized person from the event has the ability to record also any violation he or she becomes aware of and submit it for review to the race Committee.


Athletes are obliged to move on the trail without forming teams that stretch in width, thus preventing athletes who would like to overtake them. When an athlete is notified that he should make aside to overcome, he should remain on the upstream side of the slope. It is forbidden to have dogs that may accompany some athletes


Path marking is defined by permanent marking and project strips showing the correct course of the athlete as well as orange arrows. At crucial points in the route and if the above materials are judged to be inadequate, there will be volunteers who will guide the athletes. The purpose of the event is to avoid any doubt on the part of the competitor as to whether he is moving within the course.


Participants, upon receipt of their number, are required to deliver in closed bag clothing consisting of a towel, undergarments, socks, a trouser, a long-sleeved blouse, a windproof jacket and a cap (plus what they desire). This bag will be given after their finish at the point where the cars of the event will be waiting for them to pick up and take them to Anopoli. Beyond that they can, if they wish to hand over a bag with whatever other clothes they think and find on their return to Anopoli. Depending on the weather on the day of the race, the organizing committee reserves the right to impose on the athletes’ mandatory equipment during the race. Even if this is not considered necessary, it is recommended:

  • the use of a vest or belt for carrying water,
  • the use of  trekking poles because of the high inclination of the route,
  • the use of a hat,the presence of a cap or other type of special band for the neck and head,
  • the existence of windbreaker.


The shortcutting of the route is forbidden and is punishable by disqualification. Each competitor has the responsibility and is required to carefully monitor the alerts on specific parts of the path that indicate a prohibited cut / path.


There will be 2 checkpoints:

In the village of Anopolis (4.5 km 680 D +).

Place “Mavros Charakas” (17.3 km 2.100 D +).


For the safety and smooth running of the event, a time limit for the race is set to 5 hours, while there will be two time check points ,cut offs. One in the village of Anopoli (4.5 km 680 d +) where athletes will have to pass in 70 minutes and one at Roussies (17.3 km 2,100 d +), where athletes will have to pass under 4 hours. In the event that participants fail to meet the above deadlines, they are obliged to hand over their number and board the vehicle in order to return to Anopolis Square.


It is strictly forbidden to dispose all kinds of objects along the route, such as plastic bottles or any other solid or liquid food packaging material consumed by athletes during the race. At each feed station there is a special plastic waste bag. All athletes are required to throw scrap in the bag. Disposal of packaging materials or other non-organic waste at any point in the route beyond the predefined will result in a disqualification penalty.


If necessary (exceptionally hazardous weather conditions), the Organizers reserve the right to modify the route or to postpone for a short period of time the start, in order not to endanger the physical integrity of the athletes.


The organizing committee is not responsible for the death, injury or any damage to the health of the competitors who, by submitting the application, state that they are aware of the dangers that exist in the mountain environment and that their health is good and allows them to race, and have recently been examined by a doctor for this issue. However, no athlete will be required to provide a medical certificate. Athletes themselves are required to regularly perform medical prophylaxis to check their health status. The Commission disclaims all responsibility for the physical integrity of athletes, who should behave responsibly at points of the route where the risk of falling with unpleasant or fatal outcomes is increased.


The event does not insure the participating athletes. Insurance companies do not undertake group insurance for outdoor activities with a high degree of risk for obvious reasons. It is at the discretion of each athlete to carry out, at some other time, an individual life insurance contract covering, where possible, the case of an accident under the conditions of a mountain accident.

Any matter the regulation does not cover, will be decided by the organization on the spot.